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Similar to the movie, the Oracle was located in a temple that had been erected over a small chasm. Would you expect anything less of Miller? Was the Persian King Xerxes really bald and 9-feet-tall?

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In this case, a ronin kills himself and his nemesis, the demonic Agat, in feudal Japan, only for both to be reborn in a dystopian, 21st Century New 300 by frank miller City.

She was consulted prior to all major undertakings such as wars, the founding of colonies, etc. This is an element of fiction added by the filmmakers to enhance the role of the Queen in the storyline. Actor Rodrigo 300 by frank miller portrays the 9-foot-tall Xerxes in the film.

In reality, the Immortals wrapped their faces in cloth that they could see through. The film was released in the U.

300 (2007)

Historians who study the Spartans history are positive that the battle took place in B. Some historians believe that this is why King Leonidas decided to stay and fight until death at the Battle of Thermopylae, instead of falling back to regroup.

300 Frank Miller

The Immortals were Xerxes personal bodyguards. And so I lobbied for the title and got it. However, the real Greek traitor Ephialtes, a local shepard, was most likely not a horribly disfigured hunchback. The videos offer good tidbits of information related to the Spartans history investigated earlier.

Are the Immortals based on a real Persian fighting unit? It used greenscreen technology to capture the comic book feel; the film is in fact notable for remaining extremely faithful to its source material as a result. In an Entertainment Weekly interview, graphic novelist Frank Miller addressed this by saying, "The closest comparison you can draw in terms of our own military today is to think of the red-caped Spartans as being like our special-ops forces.

It also boasted one of his more complex and memorable characters in the form of the 21st Century freedom fighter named after a certain First Lady.

Murdering a slave was meant to train you in the art of evasion. Spartans, in full regalia, were almost indistinguishable except at a very close angle. The "shopkeepers" whom Leonidas outrageously and ungratefully despises in the film.

Let us know what your favorites are in the 300 by frank miller section below! If I wrote to please grievance groups, my work would be propaganda. The Spartans toured the battlefield at Marathon, and agreed that the Athenians had won a great victory.

Elektra Lives Again was a fully painted graphic novel written and drawn by Miller and colored by longtime partner Lynn Varley. Miller offered his own take on the Battle of Thermopylae, the famous clash between King Leonidas and his uber-elite Spartan warriors against a massive Persian invading force.

They also feature interviews with director Zack Snyder, actor Gerard Butler, and others. In the movie, we hear the deep-voiced Xerxes Rodrigo Santoro promise him women and wealth.

He never went to the front line at the Battle of Thermopylae as his character does in the movie King Leonidas consulted the Oracle at Delphi. Moore previously penned a flattering introduction to an early collected edition of The Dark Knight Returns, [88] and the two have remained friends.

This peaked when in April he had the assassin Bullseye kill Elektra, [24] and Daredevil subsequently attempt to kill him. This is emphasized in the movie when King Leonidas Gerard Butler asks several Arcadian soldiers to state their professions.

Greek historian Plutarch 46 A. Sin City and [ edit ] After announcing he intended to release his work only via the independent publisher Dark Horse ComicsMiller completed one final project for Epic Comicsthe mature-audience imprint of Marvel Comics.

Soon after, this Athenian led fleet saved Greece by destroying the Persian fleet during the Battle of Salamis, which marked the turning point in the war.

His creator-owned projects like Sin City and have proven to be very successful, hence the movie deals. Did Leonidas really consult an Oracle to aid in his decision to go to battle?

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However, later material such as Batman: By Jesse Schedeen The sequel to is finally hitting theaters this week. Shamqadri was quoted as saying, "Following the Islamic Revolution in Iran, Hollywood and cultural authorities in the U.

The Persians did use horses in battle, as their army was twenty percent cavalry.Frank Miller, one of the greatest creators in comics history, returns to the world of “” with “Xerxes,” a tale about the fall of the Persian Empire and the rise of Alexander the Great.

Frank Miller (born January 27, ) is an —Miller was a producer for the film, which adapted the original comics series, shot-for-shot, into a feature film in The Spirit—Although Miller co-directed Sin City, this film was his first solo directing project.

The sequel to is finally hitting theaters this week. And while Rise of an Empire isn't directly based on a Frank Miller comic like the original, it still has us reflecting back on Miller.

has 40, ratings and reviews. Sr3yas said: Are you ready for the page long epic graphic novel inspired by the most famous historic last stan /5. by Frank Miller, Lynn Varley (Colorist) The armies of Persia—a vast horde greater than any the world has ever known—are poised to crush Greece, an island of reason and freedom in a sea of madness and tyranny/5(26).

Frank Miller was born in Olney, Maryland, to a nurse mother and a carpenter and electrician father, and was raised in Montpelier, Vermont.

He is of Irish descent. Miller Born: Jan 27,

300 by frank miller
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