Aftermath of hurricane sandy

He is with us, always. I realized that this storm may wipe out my possessions.

15 jaw-dropping photos from Hurricane Sandy's aftermath

Happiness is a choice. God is not in the sky watching down at the earth. Every day, set one goal beyond my perceived limitations and go for it. Taking deep breaths really does serve as a purging. What am I supposed to do? LaGuardia and Newark had a total of 2, cancelled flights.

How many family members get less attention than our hobbies?

Resilience, suffering and silver linings after a disaster

But there is nothing that can make us happy. The day after the storm, I walked up the street. They made us feel as welcome as can be.

Displacement, in particular, was linked to developing symptoms of PTSD, she said. October 26, - Is a Category 1 with winds of 80 mph. A few live examples from yesterday and today: Crisis enables people to bring out the heroism they always had within them.

November 6, - Residents in some of the affected areas are allowed to vote in the presidential election via email or fax, and some states allow voters to vote at any polling station.

October 25, - Hurricane Sandy makes landfall in Haiti and Bahamas. In one of the worst affected areas, more than homes were destroyed by an overnight blaze in the Irish enclave of Breezy Point in Queens. Pick a family member to call to say I love you.Dec 05,  · With New Jersey still reeling from the effects of Hurricane Sandy, President Obama today told a community center in Brigantine that the “entire.

New York was severely affected by Hurricane Sandy inparticularly New York City, its suburbs, and Long Island.

Hurricane Sandy Fast Facts

Sandy's impacts included the flooding of the New York City Subway system, of many suburban communities, and of all road tunnels entering Manhattan except the Lincoln Tunnel. The New York Stock Exchange closed for two consecutive days.

The Aftermath of Hurricane Sandy

Editor's Note: One year after Hurricane Sandy laid waste to countless businesses and homes across the eastern seaboard, we take a look back at those dramatic few days.

Stay tuned tomorrow for more of our Sandy Anniversary coverage. Jul 13,  · Read CNN's Fast Facts on Hurricane Sandy. As a hurricane and post-tropical cyclone, Sandy was responsible for deaths in the United States and 69 more in Canada and the Caribbean.

Hurricane Sandy began in Jamaica on October 22nd, developing from an elongated tropical wave near the Caribbean sea and left a trail of death and destruction from North Carolina to Maine, New York to West Virginia, that may take years to fully recover from.

The superstorm killed more than 70 people in the Caribbean before killing [ ]. Aftermath of Hurricane Sandy Union Beach, N.J., Nov. 8, -- The remains of a home in Union Beach, NJ stand as a stark reminder of the power after Hurricane Sandy swept through the area.

FEMA is working with state and local officials to assist residents who were affected by Hurricane Sandy.

Aftermath of hurricane sandy
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