Agarbatti manufacturing

To help you understand better, here is a step by step explanation of the same- Evenly rolled sticks are selected and bundled together. Monthly requirement and costs of raw materials are shown here: These are manual, semi-automatic and fully automatic.

Step 3 Finance for Agarbatti Business Initiating an incense stick making business requires upfront startup investment. However, the production output is very less. It will help you in getting the mechanical assistance from that company in the future.

It is a traditional product. This is done manually through the technique of hand rolling which is followed by the introduction of aromatic oil. The incense stick burns itself completely into ashes and yet Agarbatti manufacturing the air with a pleasant smell.

In villages, people are still making Agarbatti manufacturing with hands without using machines. This industry is one of the labour intensive cottage types of industries in India and right now Karnataka State leads in this industry, the main centres of manufacture being Mysore and Bangalore due to easy availability of raw materials.

However, still, there are gaps for small and medium-scale manufacturers. First of all, you have to determine the space for the unit and the cost.

Agarbatti Making Process — Small Scale Manufacturing Process of agarbatti making is very simple and it is done in various ways. After the base paste has been applied to the bamboo stick, it is either, in the traditional method, while still moist, immediately rolled into the flavourant, or, more commonly, left in the sun for several days to dry, and then dipped into the scented solvent.

Ramachandra Rao the Ambika Agarbattis Industry Chief has expressed his anguish over these issues which are in a way killing the Agarbatti making industry all over India and small and unorganized players are forced to close down due to non availability of Bamboo sticks for producing. As Hinduism matured and Buddhism was founded in India, incense became an integral part of Buddhism as well.

Actually, the machine cost depends on the HP, the material quality, and efficiency level.


Actually, you will get a financial calculation about how must investment you need from the project report. The most well-known dhoop is probably Chandan Dhoop. Actually, you need to prepare a customized formula according to the taste of your target demographics. However, you must put some startup capital for procuring machine, ingredients and for marketing purpose.

The raw sticks are then dried properly and packed in suitable bundles depends on price and product offering. First, introduce your agarbatti brand in the market and then expand it. Many Indian incense makers follow Ayurvedic principles, in which the ingredients that go into incense-making are categorized into five classes:Agarbatti are an integral part of any Hindu ritual.

During rituals, an incense stick is lighted to remove unpleasant odors in the air. During rituals, an incense stick is. Incense sticks manufacturers India: Moksh Agarbatti.

Agarbatti Making Business Plan – Start Your Own Profitable Agarbatti Production Unit

Since its inception inMoksh Agarbatti has been a leading name in the incense stick industry. The wholesale incense sticks manufacturers in India, are based in Bangalore and provide high quality, affordable, fragrant agarbattis to. Agarbatti Making Process – Small Scale Manufacturing. Process of agarbatti making is very simple and it is done in various ways.

Incense in India

In villages, people are still making agarbatti with hands without using machines. Agarbatti or incense manufacturing is recognized as an export-oriented industry. In fact, this is one of the items considered for boosting exports.

Owing to the low level of technology involved in this industry, agarbatti making business can be initiated with simple machinery and moderate capital investment. Agarbatti is a consumer product that the demand is found throughout the year and it increases in festive days.

There are agarbatti manufacturing units in the country including micro and small, besides another well-established ones having over 50 branded agarbattis. Incense Stick/ Agarbatti Manufacturing Project Report | Free Agarbatti Manufacturing Project Report March 7, by [email protected] Introduction: The burning of incense in religious and social function has been practiced in India since early times.

Agarbatti manufacturing
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