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He has published a number of refereed research articles on topics including e-commerce, supply chain management and project management. He joined California State University East Bay in and pursuing an academic career, where he wants to bring a blend of academic expertise and industry experience into teaching, research, and consulting.

The Managerial Process, 7th Edition Authors: A day free trial of Microsoft Project is available on the internet, or you may purchase a regular version of the software. He then worked for five years in IT companies of which four years was at PeopleSoft as a senior consultant and product manager.

Scope, plan and manage open-ended projects, both individually and in teams. Allen assisted several organizations to implement a Project Management Office PMO and a framework for program managers to prioritize and track multiple projects resulting in more effective use of resources.

Learn more Internship Most students participate in a paid summer internship between the first and second years of their program, to put into practice and build upon knowledge gained in the first-year course work and learn more about work practices in the field of information management.

She has developed and delivered project management training for organizations including educational institutions, government, and private companies. Graduates of the MIMS program will be able to: MS Project software can be obtained through the following sources: Demonstrations of important technical concepts using MS Project will be learned in class.

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By enrolling in this course, you have the opportunity to acquire skills that typically take a long time to master. Make and assess information design decisions iteratively. Additional Materials You have the option of purchasing Microsoft Project software for the course.

Some are prototype information systems, others are significant research projects, and all are innovative and impressive.

Understand and apply foundational principles and debates of information law, policy, and ethics. You can buy used books at lower cost but you will not have the trial version of the MS Project Software which is optional. Apply The Master of Information Management and Systems MIMS program is a 48 unit, two-year full time program, designed to train students in the skills needed to succeed as information professionals.

Such professionals must be familiar with the theory and practice of storing, organizing, retrieving and analyzing information in a variety of settings in business, the public sector, and the academic world.

Analyze complex relationships and practical choices at the intersection of technical design, policy frameworks, and ethics. He has taught eleven subjects that includes project management, operations and supply chain management, e-commerce, business analytics, new product introduction, and management information systems.

However, that is not a requirement. He was involved in the implementation of PeopleSoft ERP software at several companies and in IT infrastructure planning for application hosting services business. He has been teaching project management certification programs to professionals, and giving project management seminars and lectures to industries such as BART and CISCO.

Gray and Erik W. Present findings and conclusions persuasively. He has over 25 years of experience that spans both academic and industrial organizations.

Project Management

X Vish Hegde Effective teaching is not just content collection and distribution but also creating an experience in the classroom. You can find title and edition details below. Enliven lectures and interactive discussions not only teach content but also help students realize their practical relevance and apply them in real world situation Dr.

A day trial version of MS Project is included with the textbook if you buy a new textbook. Identify and address user and stakeholder information and resource needs in context. He started his career as mechanical engineer and has worked for three years in aeronautical design and renewable energy systems areas.

Understand and apply fundamental principles and debates of information economics Understand and apply architectural, computational, and algorithmic thinking and principles of concurrency to the design of information systems.

You will also gain working knowledge of the technical concepts of project management systems such as WBS and Networks models. Learn more about what the MIMS program can do for you and how to apply. Do not buy older editions. The demonstration enables you to get started with basic features of MS Project if you choose to obtain the software.While J.P.

Ouellette’s career path up until coming to UC Berkeley Extension’s project management certificate may seem a bit “nonlinear,” each position required him to manage a team business project management Student Stories.

Assistant Project Manager

We are a growing San Francisco-based company specializing in management of custom residential construction projects. We work with premier contractors and designers on some of the most unique and impressive architectural projects being built in the Bay Area. We are looking for an Assistant Project Manager to join our team.

This is an excellent opportunity to gain outstanding experience in a. Study engineering and business in Berkeley’s Management, Entrepreneurship, & Technology Program, earning two Bachelor of Science degrees in four years.

The Berkeley Project aims to permanently change the relationship between the students and residents of Berkeley through hands-on community service.

Allen is a Project Management Professional (PMP®) certified by the Project Management Institute (PMI). She holds an MS in Computer and Information Science from Georgia Institute of Technology and a BS in Mathematics from Montana State University.

Berkeley, California. Lean in the Public Sector (LIPS) is an international forum where practitioners share lessons learned during lean transformation in public sector and non-profit organizations.

Applying Lean Management in the Public Sector. The 4-day event includes a combination of presentations, case studies, experiential learning.

Berkeley project management
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