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Within the public are consumers and potential consumers of the drug. However, Merck pulled the drug from the market on September 30, due to increased observations of cardiac arrest and stroke in many consumers. In effect, stock price would likely fall as well with a drop in profits Cavusgil, During these four and a half years that Vioxx had been on the market, Merck set itself up for litigation problems.

This action gave lawyers and patients all of the information needed to sue the company.

Alternatives Throughout the years that Vioxx was available in the market, Merck had many alternatives to change their course. The committee conducting the study observed that 45 of the 1, patients taking the drug experienced cardiovascular problems.

Studies in showed an increased risk of cardiovascular disease when compared to existing arthritis drug. The drug had been generating profits in the billions of dollars, so discontinuing the product would bring a definite drop in profits.

Essay Sample In the late s, a pharmaceutical company called Merck was a leader in this industry. The public expects the FDA to conduct significant trials on the pharmaceutical industry.

Vioxx had been on the market for about four and a half years Cavusgil, Until Septemberthe executives made the ruling to remove the drug from the market.

In addition, pulling the product from the market alerted patients about potential damage when taking Vioxx.

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E-mails were revealed that showed evidence that the executives knew since about the potential health risks their drug posed. More essays like this: The safety of the public should be the first concern when approving medications Cavusgil, Their first duty should be to the public and not to the industry they are entrusted to regulate.

There was evidence in the studies done that suggested that Vioxx caused increased risks of heart attack and stroke in consumers of the drug Cavusgil, Therefore, the company is another stakeholder that was affected by its own actions.

It led to 28, filings of personal injury lawsuits Wolsing, Stakeholders and Interested Parties As in all ethics cases, more than one party is affected by the unethical decisions made by a company.An Examination of the Music of Garth Brooks Essay Words 9 Pages For generations, singers and songwriters of country music have been working to evoke emotions in listeners by performing and writing songs that the listeners will be able to relate to.

Essay on Brooks and Dunn - Brooks and Dunn was a Country band consisting of two vocalists, Kix Brooks and Ronnie Dunn. They initially were formed in in Nashville, TN. The Pollution Caused by Cruise Ships Essay.

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Free Essay: Gath Brooks Troyal Garth Brooks (also know as Garth Brooks) is the world’s greatest country singer of all time. He was born in Tulsa, Oklahoma on. Brooks and Dunn was a Country band consisting of two vocalists, Kix Brooks and Ronnie Dunn.

Vioxx Decisions – Were They Ethical? Essay Sample

They initially were formed in in Nashville, TN. Both Ronnie and Kix were solo recording artists before forming a band together. The band Brooks and Dunn were influenced by many people and kinds of music.

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Brooks and dunn essay
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