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How is the parent going to explain that it is not the right time for it, if they themselves got one also at that age? Any person thinking of getting a tattoo has more than likely been bombarded with such views as to why getting a tattoo is such a horrific idea.

When done properly and designed professionally, tattoos are not harmful or dangerous. The popularity of tattooing has increased dramatically, especially with teenagers.

Essay on Tattooing

Though some tattoos, brands, or piercings may come off as too graphic or unnecessary to others, to the person it is their freedom to express themselv Body art can be classified as a significant yet graphic way of exemplifying ones emotions, style, or feelings by permanently marking their body.

The more teardrops underneath the eyes, and the more things that they do for their gang, the more tattoos they get on their bodies. The increasing of tattooing done by teenagers is because of rebellion, peer pressure, and social status.

Though teenagers feel that getting a tattoo is the in thing to do, it is in fact along term problem. In the same way no one person can be judged for the way they mark their bodies, as it is their art on their bodies.

The chances of them getting professional business careers are slim to none, depending on the type of career or job. The children of today want to use piercing and tattoos as a form of expression and independence.

Although other employers believe judging someone by their tattoos, or piercings is the same as being racist, it all depends on the type of person you are, what personality you have, and your ideas of art.

And often if someone with excessive piercings and tattoos does manage to get a job with a company, it is unlikely they will ever be promoted, due to this.

Years ago people may have thought it was sinful, and although that thought has faded, it is still a very prominent opinion for employers.

Finally, social status in gangs plays a role in the increase of teenage tattooing. You can order a custom essay on Tattooing now! For some reason or another, if later on in life the teenager does not want their tattoo or tattoos it is going to be real difficult and expensive to get rid of them.

But when it comes to jobs, your appearance plays a larger role in getting a job than your CV does. Body art In our society there are different types of people, each with their own characteristics and opinions.

The problem with this is that parents do not feel the same way, and so teenagers go out and get a tattoo in a ways just to show their parents that they can do as they please, and that they are not the bosses of them.Free Essays from Bartleby | of Tattoos In "Parker's Back" by Flannery O'Connor, the tattoos O.E.

Parker receives are crucial to the reader’s. The cause and effect of teenage tattooing. Rebellion is one of the many reasons why teenagers get tattoos. The children of today want to use piercing and tattoos as a form of expression and independence.

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Teenagers and Tattoos Essay.

A. Pages:5 Words This is a explainable cause of such permanent placement of tattoos.

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Uploaded by. Citra Putri. OUTLINE TATTOOED GIRL Introduction: Every girl has their own way to express their deepest feeling, such as crying, sharing with their friends, go shopping, even tattooing their body.

Thesis statement: Every single. Types of Papers: Cause & Effect To write a cause and effect essay, you’ll need to determine a scenario in which one action or event caused certain effects to occur.

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Cause and effect essays on tattoos
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