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Helens had just erupted, and Abba was jockeying with David Bowie at the top of the music charts. The distance between these locations is a comparable to that from New York to Houston, or London to Istanbul, about 2, km 1, miles.

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First match from the Azores to Newfoundland! It is the most intellectual college in the country—Reed in Portland, Oregon. This resighting not only covers many years, but also many miles. The sighting was made in Bonavista Bay, off the east coast of Newfoundland, about 2, miles from the Dominican Republic.

News maintains that their rankings are "a very legitimate tool for getting at a certain level of knowledge about colleges.

As a whale enthusiast, Maurina collected fluke photographs of the whales she saw that day and submitted them to the North Atlantic Humpback Whale Catalog.

Elsewhere in the academic world both tenured and nontenured professors with alleged or admitted communist party ties were fired with relatively little fuss or protest. Thanks a lot Zoltan Korai for the great illustration!!

The last time that whale was seen, Jimmy Carter was president, Mount St. It would be fascinating to know where it has been. Similarly, humpback whales from Newfoundland have only previously been seen in habitats much farther to the west.

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He passed away some years ago, and it is wonderful to see his labor still bearing fruit. In JanuaryHumanities Chair professor Libby Drumm announced in a campus-wide email that the course curriculum would be restructured in response to student feedback as well as input from an external review committee composed of humanities faculty from other institutes, adopting a "four-module structure" that would include texts from the Americas and allow greater flexibility in the curriculum which would be integrated beginning fall The external review had not in fact been completed nor reviewed at the time of the announcement.

On a nice tropical day in late February, Maurina De Wulf went on a whale watching trip from the town of Samana in the Dominican Republic. One element of the class deemed racist by the protestors was the use of the Steve Martin song "King Tut" in a discussion about cultural appropriation.

While the Azores are along the mid-Atlantic Ridge, and very much in the middle of the ocean, all previous resightings have been to habitats in the eastern North Atlantic.

Inthen-President Steve Koblik invited Moore to visit the College, and in the last surviving member of the Board that fired Moore expressed his regret and apologized to him. One of those whales was just identified as na Zoltan Korai Long time no see! First match of a humpback whale from the Azores to Newfoundland, Canada.

At Reed, however, opposition to the political interrogations of the teachers was so strong that some believed the campus was in danger of closure. The Azores and Newfoundland are not connected by any of the known migration routes for humpback whales, and workers in these areas would not have expected a humpback to travel from one to the other… but one did.Sports journalists and bloggers covering NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL, MMA, college football and basketball, NASCAR, fantasy sports and more.

News, photos, mock drafts, game. As a child, University of West Georgia alumnus Michael Goodroe was developmentally behind other children his age.

Now, at 31 years old, he is a public speaker and author. Data on display Summer surge: Strong-growth industries with seasonal employment spikes.

When the temperature rises, employment heats up in these selected industries projected to have strong growth.

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College lab report cover page
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