Frq events that led up to

How did American involvement in the Cold War affect debates over American national identity? Why did reformers seek for the government to wrest control of the environment and national resources from commercial interests?

Environment and Geography — How and why did the English American colonies develop into distinct regions? How did the African-American Civil Rights movement affect the development of other movements based on asserting the rights of different groups in American society?

An increasingly pluralistic United States faced profound domestic and global challenges, debated the proper degree of government activism, and sought to define its international role.

Some scholars argue that the Cold War started with the Russian Revolution. How did the growth of ideas of mass democracy, including such concerns as expanding suffrage, public education, abolitionism, and care for the needy affect political life and discourse?

How did demographic and economic changes in American society affect popular debates over American national identity? Students will list 3 main points and evidence the support.

Why did the patriot cause spread so quickly among the colonists after ? How did technological and corporate innovations help to vastly increase industrial production?

Origins of the Cold War debate: What was their effect on emerging cultural and regional differences? Based on the arguments provided by Zinn and Wood as well as the primary source documents, to what extent did the American Revolution fundamentally change society?

How did the ideology behind the revolution affect power relationships between different ethnic, racial, and social groups? The student will write two editorials: Populist Party Speech — Students will analyze documents on the Populist Party and create a speech on why they should be the Populist Party Presidential nominee in Students will defend their choices, the pick the one event that made the Revolution inevitable.

Students will identify major arguments of each man, and then debate whose argument was most persuasive.

Liberalism, based on anticommunism abroad and a firm belief in the efficacy of governmental and especially, federal power to achieve social goals at home, reached it apex in the mids and generated a variety of political and cultural responses.

Politics and Power — In what ways did the British government seek to exert control over its American colonies in the 17th and 18th centuries? How did foreign governments and individuals describe and react to the new America Nation? Maryland; Dartmouth College V. Six Degrees of Separation: Shootings at Kent State: Why did public attitudes towards immigration become negative during this time period?

How did the changing fortunes of liberalism and conservatism in these years affect broader aspects of social and political power? How did the revolution become an international conflict involving competing European and American powers? Unit Exam — multiple choice, short answer questions, long essay, document-based essay.

Migration within North America, cooperative interactions and competitions for resources raised questions about boundaries and policies, intensified conflicts among peoples and nations, and led to contests over the creation of a multiethnic, multiracial national identity.

Congress, Lincoln, Military, or African-Americans.a) Describe one prior intellectual change that influenced the events described in the passage. b) Explain why the pattern of social changes that Jaurès describes led to the French Revolution.

c) Explain how an ideology of the s influenced Jaurès’ interpretation of the causes of the French Revolution. AP Environmental Science: Important Events & Places. Nuclear reactor was loosing coolant, and reduced coolant available to reactor, which led nuclear fuel to overheat, including melting of tubes that hold fuel pellets & pellets themselves Large inland sea is drying up as a result of water diversion.

Aswan High Dam, Egypt. events leading up to the French Revolution of Analyze the ways in which the events of the French Revolutionary and Napoleonic period () led people to challenge Enlightenment views of society, politics and human nature. The Scramble for Africa ( to ) was a period of rapid colonization of the African continent by European powers.

But it wouldn't have happened except for the particular economic, social, and military evolution Europe was going through. Before the Scramble for Africa: Europeans in Africa up to.

AP History Period 1 Time Period AP students below is a link to a video that you should watch: The course is broken up into nine historical periods investigating seven themes in each, and developing nine historical thinking skills.

Students will list 10 events that led directly to the Revolution. FRQ unit 3. STUDY. PLAY. Identify the grievances of the groups that made up the Third Estate in France on the eve of the French Revolution, and analyze the extent to which ONE of these groups was able to address its grievances in the period THESIS: What was a long and upsetting chain of events led to the challenging of the.

Frq events that led up to
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