Heroes make the world go round

The fire was particularly difficult for him because he knew so many of the families at the school, and at least half the teachers. Fire had been pouring in through the transoms above the doors, and was now burning all across the ceiling, dropping lower and lower in the room. When they finally breached the walls and gained access to the classrooms, their worst fears were realized: Tony Muscarello Fireman, Engine 86 Muscarello was off duty at the time of the fire, but went to the fire anyway.

It was impossible to catch both, so he had to instantly decide which one to go for. Joe remained in the fire service until his retirement in as a battalion chief. Just as they arrived, someone from Truck 36, parked just ahead of them on Iowa Street, yelled at Joe to help carry a ladder around to the alley on the north side because they had just discovered that was the true location of the fire.

Brother of Jewel Murphy.

Just as he got out onto the ladder, the room flashed over, sending flames shooting out all the windows with a roar. Realizing that no one in the room was still alive after the flashover, he climbed down the ladder and went around to the courtyard.

Today, Muscarello is retired from the fire department and [as of ] is a videographer. The strike was the last one conducted by Illinois public safety employees. When they reached the alley, there were injured children lying on the ground and others jumping from the second floor windows.

This fire profoundly saddened Thomas and left him with unshakable and horrible memories. He was elected president of CFFU Local 2 and helped organize an effective strike in that a led to a contract which required that every apparatus have a certain minimum number of firefighters assigned, leading to improved firefighter safety.

He then climbed inside the room and continued to shove children out onto the ladder. Joe rushed to catch children as they jumped, and immediately two children, a little girl and a larger boy, came hurtling down at him simultaneously. It was difficult to get them out, though, because they were so tightly packed at the windows.

Sadly, Thomas passed away in after developing severe pneumonia as a result of fighting a fire. He was later promoted to Lieutenant as a direct result of this tragedy. They pulled up in front of the church on Iowa Street, which was the address Nora Maloney had given when she placed the first frantic call to the fire department.

Knowing instinctively that he could save the girl, less certain about the heavier boy, he caught the girl.

He passed away on March 24, Next he entered the school through the Avers Avenue entrance, and climbed to the second floor, where he joined up with members of Squad 1, who were attempting to push the fire back into the main hallway in order to gain entry to the classrooms.

On his way out, he grabbed two children next to the window and tossed them out ahead of him.

Murphy passed away in January He felt badly about that, but it was their only chance to live. Murray Fireman, Squad 6 Joe Murray not only fought the fire at Our Lady of the Angels, but lived in the parish and attended the very same school as a youngster.

Later, he also served on Engine 67 from same firehouse as Truck 46 at Fulton and Kilpatrick, now closed. There he spent some time on a ladder spraying water into room Suddenly, he could sense that the room was nearing flashover and headed back out the window.

In fact, Sister St.The OLA fire produced many Heroes, including: Firefighters Police Officers Medical Personnel School Staff Civilians. These Heroes: Rescued victims from the burning school or helped facilitate rescue efforts. Your station will play momentarily.

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Heroes make the world go round
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