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The topic related to the theme for this assignment is: Group discussions were used at the college instead of Hnd quantitative brief in-depth interviews as a mixture of sampling techniques were used to gain a wider understanding of customer requirements.

Conduct your project according to your stated project plan and meet with your tutor to receive a sign-off at each stage of the project process. Questionnaire design The team wanted to design a questionnaire that was structured and grouped into categories with relevant factors.

The reason why I used this method was so the management team would have an influence in the way the questionnaire would be created, meeting business objectives.

I wanted see what the local competition were offering and to base quality, price and how many people visited each establishment. However the disadvantages about this type of sampling is that a higher sampling error can occur which can be expressed in the so called design effect, the ratio between the number of subjects in the cluster study and the number of Hnd quantitative brief in an equally reliable, randomly sampled study.

Assess alternative sampling options The two main concepts of sampling are how to choose the right people for interviewing sampling method and deciding how large a number to interview sample size. Was there timely identification of issues and resolution during the project process? I included a closing date and made sure the questionnaire was easy to read, flowed logically, was eye-catching and plausibly quick to complete.

P5 Based on your conclusions and recommendations, present your project in an appropriate manner for the intended audience P6. For D1, you need to critically evaluate the project management process and research methodologies applied.

Specifically, please outline any evaluation and assessment undertaken. Qualitative data[ edit ] Qualitative data is a categorical measurement expressed not in terms of numbers, but rather by means of a natural language description.

Apply both qualitative and quantitative research methods to evaluate data collected from primary research. Justification and the main reason why this type of sampling was chosen was due to the fact quota sampling is less expensive, easy to manage and is an effective form of non probability sampling.

You should refer to these instructions as you complete work for this unit. How will this inform and support your continuous professional development? Manchester College have been given a fantastic opportunity to open a new dining establishment which will be used by both students and the general public.

How do you know? To pass this part of this assignment you need to complete a performance review that addresses the following: How would you rate your performance as project manager?

What did you learn from undertaking the project? I asked the team to arrange the questions into relevance and discuss questionnaire design so this was to make sure the target market would be kept interested, and the flow of the questions fluent.

If large numbers of a population have to be tested this could play a detrimental part and may reflect on the results as not participants would have been sampled. The target markets are mainly from professional backgrounds who want to eat and live healthy lives. Over the last decade it has dramatically changed traditional business models and transformed business activities.

Disadvantages of this type of sampling are that this sampling technique is only aimed at certain characteristics and is not a true reflection of all populations which would not be suitable for this research.Hnd Quantitative Brief.

Hnd Quantitative Brief

mi-centre.comuction. This research survey brief has been conducted to ascertain and collate information regarding the new college dining facilities. Within this survey, local organisations will be asked to take part in a survey asking questions about customer preferences and competitors.

Quantitative Study Rapid Repeat Purchase Scoring Framework (RAPS) Abstract As organizations face a tough economic environment, with declines In sales, the business model needs to adapt itself to changing economic realities. Conduct qualitative and quantitative research to generate knowledge which will form the basis for analysis of the scenario posed in the project brief.

(P4) Evaluate the accuracy and reliability of each of the different research methods applied (M2). International Journal of Quantitative and Qualitative Research. Qualitative Research Journal.

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carousel previous carousel next. Entrepreneur. uploaded by.3/5(2). Hnd Quantitative Brief This research survey brief has been conducted to ascertain and collate information regarding the new college dining facilities.

Within this survey, local organizations will be asked to take part in a survey asking questions about customer preferences and competitors. The latest Tweets from HND Assignment help (@HndAssignment).

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Hnd quantitative brief
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