How to write a press release for a radio station

Luckily there are plenty out-of-work reporters out there right now. Hebrew Free Loan Fund Helps in Time of Need Susan Miller, President and Founder, Garton-Miller Media In my experience, if it reads like the lead to a story then it makes it easier for a news outlet to publish as is, or for a reporter to pick up the ball and run with it from there.

There are also many local directories where you want to have your business listed.

Top 40 Press Release Examples from the Pros

If the release results in an article that for instance appears to recommend your firm or your product, that article is more likely to drive prospects to contact you than a comparable paid advertisement.

The more journalists you see or hear your story, the better. First, if the person typically covers stories related to your industry or location, then he or she is more likely to respond to your pitch. You can use radio press releases to promote fundraisers, make announcements and more.

It states the facts right away. One must tell a compelling story in a limited amount of space in a press release. A feature story angle is an interesting story element that is rare or heartwarming.

With so many sexist problems that are flying through the media, we decided to highlight while she is just one woman — she truly is changing the business game for everyone.

How to Write a Radio Press Release

Create a Sustainable Competitive Advantage See how customer-first science transforms the way companies achieve a superior position. Create a list of all of the relevant media outlets as you find them. To find these sources, ask around, search for Facebook groups or call your local chamber of commerce using this directory.

The press release is expected to increase Amazon seller and Amazon Prime subscriptions, as well as sales for small businesses that sell on Amazon. Include a radio press release with your spot. Not just buzzwords or trendy characters. It also has an attention grabbing title and was sent out at the end of September in order to be perfectly timed with the upcoming Halloween holiday.

Craft a catchy title to garner the attention of notable sources and publications. Rather than focusing singularly on the client, we felt it was important to focus on implications this certification has on the end user, and really, the industry as a whole.

Remember this is for radio so try to include elements that are interesting for the ears, a crowd applauding the introduction of a new product or staff change, for example.

You want the reader to be drawn in immediately. Then you can follow up. Have him say something memorable and personal, if possible. By announcing their collaboration, both service providers benefit from gaining access to customers who would normally stay with one of the airlines.

The press release also promoted our event to potential sponsors, local businesses, and national brands.Follow these steps to write your PSA: 1.

Use your press release. Try to customize your PSA to the type of station or listener. For example, reach out to some children’s stations, like Radio Disney if your performance show is kid-friendly, How to Write a Radio PSA. Title: how to write a radio Author: Fran Created Date.

Nov 15,  · Radio stations: News Director or PSA Director (if sending a public service announcement) To submit a press release with proper etiquette, make sure the headline and first paragraph show that the release is newsworthy.

Write a Press Release (for School Students) How to. Distribute a Press Release. How to. Write a 90%(19). This press release gave us exposure in several dog magazines, including San Diego Dog and NOVADog (Virginia), online media such as Edge Media Network, a local radio station, and with local charities who promoted the event in their area.

Aug 11,  · Learn how to plan a radio promotion. Steps. 1. Map out your demographic. By writing a 1 page promotional press release you can send it to radio stations to review your business, music or event.

How To Write a Press Release, with Examples

Gather the information every 2 weeks to determine the best radio station results and those that had low value%(4). A well-written press release can spread the word about your album's release.

The Balance Careers Album Press Release Template. PR folks and radio pluggers will want to take a slightly different approach with their press releases. A press release is a one to two page document used to call attention to your company and its products/services.

They are written in very formulaic ways, and with good reason. Hundreds, if not thousands, of these press releases, come onto the scene every day.

How to write a press release for a radio station
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