How to write an end of tour award army bullets

His outstanding professional skill, leadership, and ceaseless efforts to make sure the missions were completed on time resulted in major contributions to the effectiveness and success of over 45 training and qualification ranges. If this mission related shipment was turned away the additional costs and loss to the Navy would have been immense and the shipments would have had to be rescheduled for delivery taking months to return.

Single-handedly changed the outlook of two failing stations. She not only executed her assigned tasks in a timely manner, she anticipated taskings that may get assigned to her and took the initiative to complete tasks beforehand.

He successfully orchestrated a diverse team of intelligence analysts and planners to develop a comprehensive, multi-disciplined intel scenario, and extensive intelligence architecture, and produced over MSELs, which prepared the Infantry Division commander and staff for their rotation to Iraq in support of OIF II.

His ability to read the situation allowed his squad leader to constantly leave his team the farthest from the rest of the squad and platoon.

11 Example Navy Achievement Awards (NAM)

She displayed great courage and commitment driving over the dangerous roads of Iraq. HM2 Williams, was recognized by his leadership and peers with a Certificate of Appreciation for being nominated as Service Member of The Month for 01MayMay HM2 Williams with his selfliness to adapt and overcome in a field that is not his own rating, has taking on the role of a Logistic Specialist to the best of his ability.

Consistently raising command standards to unprecedented levels, he clearly set himself apart from his contemporaries. His excellent leadership skills and dedication inspired his team to rise above themselves to accomplish all missions.

Working with the Fuel Farm Air Force supervisor the Chief quickly put into motion to assess Fuel Farm deficiencies to include remedied for shortfalls Ref D He along with SSgt Welty constructed and submitted a complete assessment memorandum on Fuel Farm, though not confirmed action was significant once the information linked up with the proper channels.

His endless hours of work and dedication to his unit allowed the First Sergeant and Company Commander to carry out other training and mission requirements. His actions while executing duties of a higher level of responsibility resulted in the successful accomplishment of four re-supply missions.

This allowed the PSD teams to continue with mission with minimal or no time loss of combat power. As Command Career Counselor Petty Officer Stinger spent countless hours and even off-duty time learning every detail regarding the many programs affecting enlisted career paths.

I give my highest recommendation for this award. Chief Morelli can confident testify to the rehabilitation of 4 to 5 shipmates. Conducted professional development training for eight junior personnel pursuing qualifications as Chief Engineer, Coxswain and Expeditionary Warfare specialist.

He is regarded highly by his subordinates, peers and his entire chain of command. He was constantly able to act the parts from an inject for units participating in the exercise giving them the needed stress involved in treatment of an injured individual. He personally created all templates, published taskers and conducted training for subordinate companies; ultimately contributing to overall higher award accuracy.

Experienced Professional - His flawless strategic planning resulted in the requisition, preparation and execution of nine burials at sea at specified locations in the Red Sea according to the wishes of veterans.

I performed spot inspections and monthly inspections, often using personal time to ensure proper procedures for documentation of quality control records and patient records were being followed.

While serving as an augmentee for the th RSG housing and billeting section, SPC Randolph displayed a high level of competence and professionalism. Chief Morelli took the opportunity to include division personnel to either observe or perform a duty.

XXX Doe sacrificed his personal time in order to volunteer to support his local community by becoming a member of the Marquette Area Honor Guard from 11 May to 11 May He volunteered over hours planning, networking, and organizing 10 events that lifted the morale of the Soldiers and civilians stationed at North Camp.

In both positions the Chief brought enduing achievements and pioneering practices. We are all on the same side. His dedication was a critical factor in the squad delivering over 5, pieces of Class I-IX cargo over 34, miles while operating in the highly volatile Iraqi area of operations.

He successfully planned, organized and oversaw six pre-deployment briefs directly impacting more than Sailors and family members and resulting in increased command readiness and family preparedness.

Her guidance and attention to detail contributed greatly to the overall success of each mission that followed and fostered an environment of mission and equipment readiness.

This was a proactive approach to prevent tenant relocation, interrupting crew rest and to reduce black mold issues. SPC Smith played a vital role in the simulated treatment of over 75 patients while working as a member of the mobile treatment team during three company level Field Training Exercises.

He personally drafted and implemented a watch floor Job Qualification Requirement, 12 Standard Operating Procedures, revised metric generating databases, Request For Information tracking systems, and encouraged off-duty college education while he administered crucial on-the-job training to junior Mission Support Center personnel.

He maintained all NEO packets updated and ensured all personnel had all required gear and masks. He was requested by name to assist in follow-on activities.

This was clearly an enormous challenge for CM2 Stinger but he performed beyond all expectations on all fronts.

Writing Army Awards

SPC DOE was a critical member of bravo 10 fire direction control section during battery and battalion competitions.Writing the Summary of Action for the Navy Commendation Medal.

Navy Writer Navy Eval, Award, and other Writing Examples. Home; Navy Commendation Medal; Summary of Action Examples For Navy and Marine Corps Commendation Medal.

In fact by the end of his tour he will have developed 3 separate teams recognized for their. Soldiers receive end of tour awards, look forward to return from Iraq pins an Air Medal on the chest of Chief Warrant Officer 3 William Kearns during an end of tour award ceremony on Camp Taji.

Writing Army Awards.

ARCOM Award Bullets

Awards can be hard to write. Especially the big ones. But, once you get started, it gets easier and easier. Below are examples of commonly required categories of awards bullets to give you some ideas and help you get started. If anyone has them, we need more examples.

DA Form Award Bullets. HQ USAF/SG Awards and Decorations Guide. 1 (PCA), extended tour, or posthumously. A recommendation for decoration for an extended tour of meritorious service may be submitted when a member's - Transfer the write-up to the citation, and date the certificate (use the date the special.

The problem is that the SFC who replaced me used my narrative to write his award, with very specific things about engagements and targets eliminated, and he received an MSM. He even used specific bullets from my NCOER to write his. Joke FITREP Bullets; Awards “Standard” Navy Award Matrix; 11 Example Navy Achievement Awards (NAM) 11 Example Navy Achievement Awards (NAM) While NAMs may seem difficult to write they all start and end with the same basic sentences.

The writers responsibility is to fill in the middle sentences with hard hitting action .

How to write an end of tour award army bullets
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