Impact of unethical behavior article analysis

SOX has caused agencies to have a strong battle obtaining clientele. This being said a company could have potential risk of unethical practice or behavior.

On January 9,the United States Department of Justice announced it was going to pursue a criminal investigation of Enron, and Congressional hearings began on January The act also requires the auditor agencies to resale from services after 5 years and disallows them to seek employment with a previous client within of a year of last audit Jelinek, Jelinek, Enron reported financial condition was sustained mostly by institutionalized, systematic, and planned accounting fraud.

Paper documentation is falling by the wayside. For example, hospitals and the health-care industry are making a push to digitize patient care and medical records.

This has resulted in agencies having to go an outside committee to sale services or products Jelinek, Jelinek, Many vital industries have data backup plans in place, but downtime can deal a crippling financial blow.

Bureau of Labor Statistics, security concerns within organizations will be a driving factor for growth and hiring within the IT industry. There were rumors of bribery to secure Contracts in Central America.

You may hear the terms "developed nations" and "developing nations" mentioned in relation to computers and Internet technologies; IT professionals are helping major industrial countries maintain a standard of living and manage growth, while emerging economies are using information technology to lift citizens out of poverty.

With internal auditors the unethical practices and behavior chances have increased. Another situation of unethical practice and behavior is the hiding of liabilities or debt.

Impact of Unethical Behavior Article Analysis

Get Full Essay Get access to this section to get all help you need with your essay and educational issues. Dishonest activity on the part of information technology specialists can have far-reaching and negative impacts.

Becoming a more relational firm in the post-sarbanes-oxley era. A situation that could lead to misuse is when a company is short of funds in one area and to finance another activity, the company uses other funds.

Information technology professionals are the people who carry out and uphold these policies in most organizations. With the strict procedures, the auditors are not rendering services as much as before act.

The practice of hiding liabilities or debt could be to make the company look better to investors or creditors. The article offered information pertaining to auditors having to change methods to become complaint with SOX. Auditors might decrease sales because companies have chosen to use internal auditors to detour from dealing with the changes.

So if auditing agencies are not doing auditing then companies are use internal auditors. As expressed by the article, the effects of SOX has been considered by companies in which use auditing services as their main source of business Jelinek, Jelinek, The SOX act has changed provisions in which disallow an agency to sale services directly to company personnel Jelinek, Jelinek, Impact of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act on financial statements: If medical databases are compromised, vital medical data may virtually disappear, adversely affecting the delivery of patient care.

A recent article on the student website is reviewed to identify potential factors leading to unethical practices and behavior.

In fact, according to the U. More than a decade into the 21st century, the general consensus is that the Internet boom has come and gone, but IT still plays a very important role across society. This leads stock-holders in a direction of misconception of funds, thus causing a false picture of financial health.

However, unethical behavior by the information technology personnel within an institution can potentially be a more formidable threat than a curious or nosy hacker who has no ties to the company or hard access to its computer network.

Thus misuse of funds received, is a type of unethical practice. When funds are used for items other than authorized, the funds use is unethical. Societal Impact Businesses and academicians alike have trumpeted predictions about the world-changing effects of information technology for decades.

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Ethic is a word that had been defined in different ways for different people in different situations. Impact of Unethical Behavior Article Essay Sample. Potential acts leading to unethical practices and behavioral in accounting is evident.

These acts are in violation of the Sarbares Oxley Act of (SOX). Leader alone is not engaging in unethical behavior, however by allowing for unethical practices of others, the leader creates an unethical organizational culture.

This might have serious impacts on various leadership-related roles. Effect of Unethical Behavior Article Analysis Effect of Unethical Behavior Article Analysis The Sarbanes-Oxley Act, passed in congress in is designed to protect investors from the potential of fraudulent corporate accounting activities.

This act strictly mandates reform, aimed directly to prevent fraud and improve corporate financial. Impact of Unethical Behavior Article Analysis ACC/ Principles of Accounting II September 18, Thomas House Impact of Unethical Behavior Article Analysis Reporting financial statements within a business or company is more than a must; it is a necessity to keep ones business up and running.

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Impact of Unethical Behavior Article Essay Sample

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Impact of unethical behavior article analysis
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