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The landing and walk on the Moon was the greatest achievement in the exploration of the outer space because they allowed to elaborate technology of flight and landing and to collect important materials and information concerning the Moon and outer space.

Seeing this, NASA should finance this national holiday. In the course of the flight, Apollo 11 had some problems, but they were insignificant and they reached the Moon, according to their plan. Space was the new battleground of the Cold War, and the Soviet Union was in the lead when in Aprilwhen Cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin became the first human to orbit the earth.

All wastes will be constantly recycled and purified. We are incessantly depleting our life-giving forests, water, air, and ozone in order to accommodate our explosive population growth.

Along with using recyclable spacecraft, such as the space shuttle, is the prospect of building a space elevator. Without protection from these elements, inhabiting the moon would be impossible. But if all we do is remember their moonwalk, then we will have missed the most important mission objectives.

The concept of a space elevator is simple: The landing was successful and breathtaking all the same. Namely, many dislike the idea of a brand-new national holiday because it may bring unneeded costs to schools and to the nation in general.

A Man on the Moon

This was an embarrassment for the Kennedy administration, save the Bay of Pigs Chaikin, 2. Inhabiting our closest celestial neighbor is no longer just a plot for a Hollywood science-fiction movie; it is likely to be a pivotal factor in the future of next generations. Thus, the landing occurred on July 20, and the major goal of Apollo 11 program had been achieved.

With advancing space transportation breakthroughs, public space tourism might be possible in the future if the Apollo 11 landing becomes a national holiday.

According to some researchers, one answer liesmiles above us - our moon NASA. The first landing and walk on the Moon became possible due to available technologies.

Therefore, a lunar colony must look within itself for its vital needs of the future. Our Earth is an abundant planet that gives the human race everything we need to survive. Why should Columbus Day be a national holiday and the first man on the moon not?

Horticulture professor Cary Mitchell heads research to design a self-sustaining ecosystem for future moon colonies. Unfortunately, our ever-growing population is consuming these resources at a rate faster than they can be replenished.

Lava tubes are passageways left behind under a lava flow after the lava drains out Gillett, Through teamwork and an iron work ethic, these people all reached for the Moon.

Hence, creating desperately needed engineers in America, and this event would allow everyone to participate. When compared to digging areas for the habitats, then covering them with lunar dirt, excavating an entrance to a lava tube is less riddled with problems: Second, if the first man on the moon becomes a national holiday, schools will have a day to teach about space travel and the history of the first man on the moon.

Essay on Neil Armstrong – the First Man on the Moon

The purpose was simple: Looking toward the moon for solutions to our dilemma offers us more area to live on, and all the research entailed to make it possible generates new solutions of how to better conserve our planet.

This all equals up to a far more cost-effective plan for colonization.The Man On The Moon essaysIn the early 's, America and the Soviet Union competed in the greatest race of all time.

It was the race to space, more specifically the race to the moon. The Space Race became a symbol of a broad political contest between two rival world powers.

Essay on Man on the Moon There are approximately 6,, people inhabiting our planet today. Our population will grow to reach an estimated 9,, by the year (U.S. Census). A Man on the Moon Apollo 11 astronauts Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin became the first human beings to walk on the Moon.

The United States and more over the world, reveres astronauts like Buzz Aldrin and Neil Armstrong for walking on the Moon.

Essay on Man on the Moon

- A Man on the Moon Apollo 11 astronauts Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin became the first human beings to walk on the Moon. The United States and more over the world, reveres astronauts like Buzz Aldrin and Neil Armstrong for walking on the Moon.

The landing of the first man on the moon is a paramount national event. For this reason, the landing of Apollo 11 should become an official national holiday for these reasons: it represents the extreme effort of our country; it could offer learning opportunities for all, and display science and discovery of.

Man On The Moon In the ’s space flight was just a topic of the future. But on June 20th, the US successfully landed a crew of men on the surface of the moon.

Man on the moon essay
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