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He also believes that due to the higher amount of capital and funding, the media outlets are able to stay competitive because they are trying to reach more listeners or readers by using newer media.

Telecommunications Act [ edit ] The Telecommunications Act of was an influential act for media cross-ownership. Restrictions on newspaper and TV station ownership in the same market were removed.

However, they had to determine whether the license would serve "the public interest, convenience, and necessity". Licenses are no longer reviewed for "public-interest" considerations. Court of Appeals denied the emergency stay motion in a one-page memorandum on June 15,however, the merits of restoring the discount is still subject to a court appeal proceeding scheduled to occur at a later date.

McChesney suggests that to better our current system we need to "establish a bona fide noncommercial public radio and television system, with local and national stations and networks. Because of the lack of discussion during the proceedings, increased attention has been paid to ensuring that the FCC engages in proper dialogue with the public regarding its current rules change.

Compaine also believed the news is more readily available, making it far easier for individuals to access than traditional methods. The Majority ruled against the FCC and ordered the Commission to reconfigure how it justified raising ownership limits.

Media cross-ownership in the United States

Although merging media companies seems to provide many positive outcomes for the companies involved in the merge, it might lead to some negative outcomes for other companies, viewers and future businesses. Because of the ease of access to send the same message across multiple and different mediums, the message is more likely to be heard.

Chain-based companies are using convergence, the same content being produced across multiple mediums, to produce this mass-produced content.

The United States government opted to declare the entire broadcast spectrum to be government property and license the rights to use the spectrum to broadcasters. Not only specifically the big corporations that can afford to broadcast nationally, but more importantly locally.

The move, along with a plan to evaluate increasing the national ownership cap, is expected to trigger a wider wave of consolidation in broadcast television. The Supreme Court later turned down an appeal, so the ruling stands.

After several years of experimental broadcast licensing, the United States licensed its first commercial radio station, KDKAin The FCC designed rules to make sure that there is a diversity of voices and opinions on the airwaves. However, with convergence and chain-based ownership you can choose which stories to run and how the stories are heard - being able to be played in local communities and national stage.

By that number had dropped by half. The FCC was given authority by Congress to give out licenses to companies to use the broadcasting spectrum. Media consolidation debate[ edit ] Robert W.The Six Political Functions of Media Essay Words | 4 Pages.

Media plays a crucial role in the dissemination of information from the power-elites to. Media: The Big Six Essay example - Society today receives almost all of its information from the media.

Since the media is mostly owned by just a few companies, views and ideas can be shaped by what one sees on the internet, television, and in newspapers. Because of the monopolizations from those few corporations that own what is viewed.

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Search to find a specific media essay or browse from the list below. Media cross-ownership is the ownership of multiple media businesses by a person or businesses can include broadcast and cable television, film, radio, newspaper, magazine, book publishing, music, video games, and various online entities.

And runaway media consolidation among news organizations has squashed diverse, local and independent voices, leaving us in the dark about important developments in our communities. Big Tech Goes to Washington Again. September 6, Mention. Ajit Pai Does ISPs' Bidding, Pushes for Tighter Rules on Google and Facebook.

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Media the big six essay
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