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Roqua explains that his brother was killed when a man whom his brother had defeated in a bar fight returned with Never back down gun to exact his revenge. But it was fun to watch. A strong, capable, rich in character and well-crafted film.

After having been banished from the gym by Roqua after his fight is discovered, Jake begs for forgiveness saying his anger is quelled when he is training with Roqua. Jake is still limited by his injury, and Ryan at first gains the upper hand, applying a choke on Jake.

He then prepares to compete in the Beatdown. The story itself was nothing special and felt more like a pilot episode for a TV serie. Ryan begins to create a scene before the entire school but Jake tries to step in to defend Baja.

Baja attempts to apologize to Jake for luring him into the fight with Ryan, but he refuses to forgive her. Jake and Baja take Max to the hospital where Jake decides to fight in the Beatdown. The original was imperfect, predictable, cliched and the acting left room for improvement.

It started off with a bad type of vibe as all the main characters were introduced. Jake makes it to the semifinals in spite of an injury he received in the previous match. While training with Roqua, Jake inquires why he lives in the gym. Roqua agrees to allow Jake to train at his gym again, but does not take it easy on him anymore.

Jake was a star athlete on the football team at home, but in this new city, he is an outsider with a reputation for being a quick tempered brawler after an internet video of him starting a fight at one of his football games after a frustrated player from the opposing team taunted Jake about his father, who died in a drunk driving accident, circulates around his new school.

Baja then confronts Ryan about the fight with Jake and proceeds to end their relationship when Ryan shows no remorse for the beating he gave him or his sadistic tendencies. After learning that Ryan was disqualified in his semifinal match due to an illegal eye gouge and Jake forfeits, seeing no reason to continue.

Before he goes to the tournament, he has a brief argument with Roqua about his decision to fight. One of the best action films of A heart-pounding and stunning action-packed drama. A wickedly cool and tremendously entertaining movie. I personally fell asleep towards the end.

The young cast is talented and very spirited. White just dosent know martial arts, he knows how to make it look good and respect it in this film all at one time. They all learn how to enhance their previous skills for the main purpose of going head to head for the upcoming Beatdown show produced by Max Evan Peters, the sole leftover from the first film.

The next day, a visibly injured Max has been released from the hospital. Daisy Maduro Super Reviewer I already knew not to get my hopes up when I decided to watch this sequel.

Jake apologizes to Baja for not listening when she first apologized and the two proceed to begin a relationship. The Beatdown An explosively surprising knockout of a film.

This film rocks all the way to the end, it totally delivers. All in all, it had some decent fight scenes, lots of plot holes,non developed characters, cheesy music, standard direction and a story line that reminded me of the karate kid. I guess Michael Jai White thought he could expand on the first NBD by making this sequel significantly raunchier with saturated profanity, pointless nudity and Skinemax sexual content.

After Ryan insults him again and leaves, Jake attends training with Roqua. Acting wise, he was much better than any of the other cast members, who were stiff than anything else. Originally, Jake does not wish to fight until Ryan taunts him about his father who died while driving drunk with Jake in the car.

It beats the original in every way possiable.

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Ryan then proceeds to challenge Jake to compete in the Beatdown, an underground fighting tournament of which Ryan is the reigning champion. But a classmate, Max Cooperman Evan Peterswho later becomes one of his best friends, introduces himself to Jake and tells him about Mixed Martial Arts. Roqua eventually assents and tells him to "control the outcome" of the fight.

Jake discovers that Roqua is from Brazil and he is in self-induced exile because he believes he is the reason his brother, Joseph the favorite son, was killed and his father had disowned him for. While he and Baja attempt to leave, Ryan confronts him and the two finally fight outside in the parking lot.A bevy of mixed martial arts fighters star in this action thriller that follows a quartet of brawlers as they prepare for a key underground event.

Watch trailers & learn more. Nov 17,  · Il trailer ufficiale italiano del film Never Back Down. Never Back Down () cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more.

Mar 14,  · Watch video · To strive for my life-goals, never back down, no matter how hard it may be, what sort of obstacles are ahead of you. Maybe that's the real purpose of this film? To inspire one, to be confident and persistent/10(K). Jun 07,  · Watch video · Directed by Michael Jai White.

With Michael Jai White, Josh Barnett, Gillian White, Esai Morales. Picking up after the events of Never Back Down 2, former MMA champion Case Walker is on the comeback trail to become champion once again/10(K).

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