Reflection of the aseptic technique

Patients and visitors who follow basic hand hygiene minimise risk. However, some situations call for aseptic technique while others call for clean techniques. To acquire this I should get a job in clinical environment as it will enable me to be Reflection of the aseptic technique in executing my clinical practice knowledge especially in future clinical placement.

Aseptic Technique

This is achieved by ensuring the use of sterile equipment and fluids, effective hand hygiene, sterile gloves and ensuring that any device is only handled by the part which will not be in contact with the susceptible site.

When the Nurse told me that I was not using the Aseptic evaluating my practice within this area. This incident was an educational learning curve for me in my nursing pathway and experience, I greatly appreciate that the registered nurse was happy to explain to me the reason that I had to replace the dressing pack.

And avoid circumstances that compromise professional nursing care putting patient at risk. I then used the same gloves to clean the wound and apply new sterile dressings, meaning the procedure was not a sterile one.

The Aseptic technique is one of a number of procedures that contributes to preventing Health Care Associated Infections HCAI and is a means of preventing or minimising the risk of introducing harmful micro-organisms into sterile areas of the body when undertaking clinical procedures DoH I put on the sterile apron and gloves taking care not to touch the outside of them in order to keep them sterile.

The goal of the clean technique is to reduce the number of germs whenever possible. I am going to use Gibbs Model of Reflectionto reflect on the experience and evaluate my thoughts and feelings of the procedure, and to outline what I have gained from the experience for my future practice.

Environmental controls Maintaining a sterile environment requires keeping doors closed during an operation. However, competency is based on my clinical skills and functional status of the equipment. My next clinical placement, I will make this learning a priority. I will not be upset about clinical mistakes but instead communicate with the RNs as I hope it will improve my skills.

The Australian Guidelines for the Prevention and Control of Infection in Healthcaresates application of standard and transmission-based infection prevention and control strategies is daily practice. The more people present, the more opportunities for harmful bacteria to cause contamination.

Within the dressing pack there are a pair of sterile gloves and an apron, some sterile gauze and a plastic bag to put any waste into. I now comprehend that it is imperative for nurses to be of sound mind in critical thinking in order to practice in a safe manner.Aseptic non touch technique – a guide for healthcare workers.

Aseptic Non Touch Technique or ANTT® is a tool used to prevent infections in healthcare settings. This guidance document should be.

Technique In this reflection I am going to discuss a procedure that I have carried out whilst I have been on placement and the importance of infection control using the Aspetic Non Touch Technique (ANTT).

Reflection on aseptic technique

reflection on aseptic technique Essay Words | 5 Pages. Reflective Log – Aseptic Technique In this reflection I am going to discuss a procedure that I have carried out whilst I have been on placement and the importance of infection control using the Aspetic Non Touch Technique (ANTT).

Aseptic technique and simple wound management I have choses Gibbs reflective cycle model to reflect on my two weeks clinical placement at Concord hospital, working in a surgical ward, supervised by a registered nurse, (RN) looking after a sixty- five year Lady anonymous patient name not mentioned for confidentiality.

Aseptic Technique Sarah Baisden. During this experiment, I learned a lot about aseptic technique and how important it is to make sure to use clean instruments to transfer the bacteria, and the importance of sterilization for the tubes to.

Reflection of the Aseptic Technique Essay Words | 4 Pages. the ‘Aseptic Technique’.

Reflection of the aseptic technique
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