Scholastic writing awards 2011 winners and whiners

They also criticized the Rhodes application process itself, arguing that potential applicants should not apply unless they are "ready to study and live in Oxford.

Inhowever, the trustees introduced a bill into the House of Commons that, catering to popular British sentiment during the War"revoked and annulled" the scholarships for Germans.

The international Fulbright Program to teach study and research or teach English in over countries The Marshall Scholarship for Americans to study at any university in the United Kingdom The Churchill Scholarship for Americans to study at Churchill College at the University of Cambridge The Kennedy Scholarship for British nationals to study at Harvard University or the Massachusetts Institute of Technology The Harkness Fellowship for citizens of nine countries to conduct research related to health policy in the United States The Mitchell Scholarship for Americans to study at any university in Ireland The international Gates Cambridge Scholarship to study at the University of Cambridge The John Monash Scholarship for Australians to study at any university worldwide Only 33 Visiting Fellowships were awarded.

Some of these extended the scheme to Commonwealth countries not mentioned in the will. Unlike the regular scholarship, a Visiting Fellow was expected to have a doctorate or comparable degree, and to use the two-year funded study to engage in independent research.

Rhodes Scholarship

The Trustees then applied to the Secretary of State for Education to admit women into the scholarship, and in the request was granted. In response, the Rhodes Trust released two statements, one to The Sunday Times saying that "the criticisms Of the or so scholars who have spent their careers in government, "most of them have had solid, but undistinguished careers," while "perhaps forty or more can be said to have had a significant, national impact in their particular areas.

Before Parliament passed the Act, some universities protested against the exclusion of women by nominating female candidates, who were later disqualified at the state level of the American competition.

Inone of the four schools partnered with an all-girls school in order to allow female applicants.


Inthe Trustees established the Rhodes Visiting Fellowships. To a large degree, this change was the result of the advances of the feminist movement as well as the importance of Title IX legislation in the United States that made illegal sex discrimination in colleges that received federal financial assistance.

Inthe three remaining schools followed suit to allow women to apply. Cecil Rhodes, the Rhodes Trust and Rhodes Scholarship Yale University Pressbiographer and historian Philip Ziegler writes that "The advent of women does not seem notably to have affected the balance of Scholars among the various professions, though it has reduced the incidence of worldly success.

For example, inregional committees in interviews asked a white American candidate to assure them he would not publicly belittle the scholarship after he referred to its founding on "blood money". According to Schaeper and Schaeper, the issue became "explosive" in the s and s as scholars argued that the scholarship be changed while the trustees argued they were powerless to change the will.

It would have been highly unusual for any Africans in that era to be admitted into those European schools in southern African that taught such subjects.

Similarly, of Rhodes Scholars who became attorneys, about one-third serve as staff attorneys for private corporations, while another third remain in private practice or academic posts. Nothing more is said on the matter. The move into China is the biggest expansion since women became eligible in the s.

In fact, the four South African schools named by Rhodes only admitted whites, and would not open their doors to black Africans until the end of apartheid in the early s. Beginning inscholars began protesting against the fact that all Rhodes Scholars from southern Africa were white, with Oxford dons and 80 of the Rhodes Scholars in residence at the time signing a petition calling for non-white scholars to be elected in Furthermore, as Rhodes himself knew, and as Oxford University insisted in the early years of the scholarships, all applicants for the scholarship were required to pass the entrance exam for Oxford, or its equivalent, called Responsionswhich included ancient Greek and Latin.

After his death, the will was under the control of the Board of Trustees of the Rhodes Trust. But The Rhodes Project seeks to challenge this idea.The Rhodes Scholarship is an international postgraduate award for students to study at the University of was established in making it the first large-scale programme of international scholarship.

The Rhodes Scholarship was founded by English businessman and politician Cecil John Rhodes, to promote unity between. The latest breaking news video and visual storytelling from HuffPost.

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Scholastic writing awards 2011 winners and whiners
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