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Are School Uniforms a Good or Bad Idea?

In my opinion, it is best to reach a midpoint. Students are harassed physically, verbally, and socially. Schools indubitably love uniforms; in contrast to this view pupils absolutely hate them! While this may be an illusion, these positive perceptions can help create a self-fulfilling prophecy that teachers and administrators raise their discipline and grading standards to reflect their more positive image of students, who, in turn, behave better.

Also, the purpose of attending school is to learn, and anything such as clothes that take away from that goal, needs to be discouraged. Students studying in schools requiring school uniforms generally perform very well academically and seem happy wearing the same outfit every day.

In the face of such ghastly events, uniforms may come across as the means to a peaceful end. With uniforms, there are only a few acceptable variations of the outfit, no questions asked. Wearing uniforms is a prudent way to diminish the chance of humiliation in a school environment.

Also, events in the past, such as the one at Columbine, where students were singled out partially for what they wore, have left everyone unnerved. They need to check inappropriate clothing such as strapless, halter, and midriff baring tops and too-short skirts and shorts. Though self-expression is undoubtedly important in a democratically-regulated education system, there are also democratic policies that citizens need to follow in order to be respected citizens.

Sources say that a pupil in school uniform is more likely to take school seriously. These facets of expression aid others in reaching an understanding of who we are, and why. If someone looks richer, most people feel like school uniforms are a good idea essay help have a higher social status or more power.

InPresident Bill Clinton encouraged the use of school uniforms as part of an education program that sought to improve safety and discipline Hoffman, 1. For example, the Long Beach School District solved this problem by setting up a boutique shop, funded by private donors, where needy students can shop Paliokas, 5.

At a school in Long Beach, California, after only the first year that uniforms were implemented, overall school crime decreased 36 percent, fights decreased 51 percent, sex offenses decreased 74 percent, weapons offenses decreased 50 percent, assault and battery offenses decreased 34 percent, and vandalism decreased 18 percent Manual, 3.

Another good advantage of school uniform is that the big shop competitors like Asda and Tesco etc. Teens tend towards wearing fancy, strange, or colorful clothes Pep, Style Teen. A reason why school uniform is a good idea is it saves your clothes: There have also been thefts and murders over designer shoes.

The years that we as individuals are in primary school is a testing-ground for the development of our personalities and values.

Are competing with each other to provide good value uniforms for a better price this is also putting on pressure for the top range shops to reduce their prices to keep up with the cheaper ones.

School Uniform The idea of school uniforms seems like an antiquated concept for many North Americans. Cliques will still be formed and students will find ways such as weight, complexion, financial status to pass judgment upon their peers.

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Also, members of gangs frequently have a color or style of clothing used to identify themselves. In conclusion I think school uniform is a bad idea because it has no effect of the outcome at the end of the pupils school years however school uniform makes the school appear more pleasant and also makes the pupils look smart.

Uniforms allow students to focus more on their academics, and less on what everyone else is wearing. As a result, many teens are outcast due to the fact that they cannot afford the top-of-the-line, name-brand clothing. The teenage years are a time when adolescents try out different personas, often experimenting with different styles of clothing during this phase.

Argumentative Essay: School Uniform

They help children to focus on learning and schoolwork, not on what everyone else is wearing or whether or not they fit in.

However, the clothes that people wear, or can afford to wear, often define the group by which they are accepted. I feel that making this demand some girls are being discriminated against because they might not want to wear a skirts because of their religion or they have a medical issue skin problem.

However, there are a few more reasons why school uniforms are bad: Ruffner Middle School, located in Norfolk, Virginia, reports a 47 percent decrease in students leaving class without permission Manual,5.

In the events of natural disasters or emergencies, such as earthquakes, tornadoes, fires or terrorist attacks, it would be really hard for parents to identify their child from the midst of a milieu of similarly clothed children.

They would need to provide clothes for 5 days of every week plus weekends, sports and club activities. Teens like to be different and have their own style but by schools demanding that everyone obeys the dress code pupils all look the same.

During the rushed morning hours before school, picking out the right set of clothes, especially for girls, can take up a lot of time. Wearing school uniforms can also help people gain more self-confidence because they know they are a part of something bigger.

Many families worry about not having enough money to buy uniforms. In recent years some schools have relaxed and accepted some different styles on the other hand some schools have strict rules that include girls only to wear skirts.

There are even more advantages to wearing school uniforms in public schools in addition to those previously mentioned.The debate, are school uniforms good or bad, has adolescents raising their voices against conformity, and teachers and many parents, singing praises for the uniform.

This article illustrates both sides of the coin, so evaluate the reasons why are school uniforms a good or a bad idea, before you make up your mind.

Are School Uniforms A Good Idea.

Do You Think School Uniform Is A Good Idea ?

School Uniforms: Good or Bad? Kelly Wiles Picture this: walking into a school and seeing that America's youth is not being judged by what they are wearing: whether their style is "cool" or not.

"Uniforms are to the suburbs wildly" (Ferrandino, Newsweek). Do you think school uniform is a good idea?Jennifer McLaren In this essay I plan to explore the issue and discuss whether or not it’s a good or bad idea.

Teenagers often complain and criticize about how uncomfortable school uniforms are and how they do not live up to their fashion standards. On the other hand teachers argue that school.

Essay on School Uniforms: A Bad Idea.

Is Having School Uniforms a Sound Idea?

Essay on School Uniforms: A Bad Idea. Length: words ( double-spaced pages) - School Uniforms Don’t Address Big Problems Can anyone believe that school uniforms help students achieve good on their health and financial problems. Many people, schools, and even state governments.

School uniforms essay 1. LINH NGUYEN 04/08/14 1 SCHOOL UNIFORMS School uniform has many advantages and disadvantages, also. It depends on what people think about it. In my opinion, wearing school uniforms is good because it can help distinguish students from other people, make them feel equal, and also make them proud of their school.

Wearing uniforms is a prudent way to diminish the chance of humiliation in a school environment. While most private schools already have established a particular uniform to be worn within the institution at all times by students, public schools mostly remain more liberal and only have a more-or-less strict dress code.

School uniforms are a good idea essay help
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