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Today we are looked at the same way even though we have changed very much. Soon enough, the first tick was preformed on the skateboard, which would be the turning point in the history of skateboarding.


These curved up sides were known as concave. The wheels of a skateboard were made out of a hardened clay material. It was soon changed to a slightly larger, oval wooden board. This made the wheels ide rough on hard surfaces like pavement and concrete.

Stacey is credited with the founding of the skateboarding This is where Tony, Stacey, and Jay would not only change the sport of skateboarding but its image as well. This happens when you fall from a long distance or height, to the direct pressure of a bone.

Over the years, skateboarding became more advanced, in terms of board shapes. The ramps at the X-Games were four times as large as the ramps at a local skate park.

Most surfers tied the sport of surfing to skateboarding. Many skateboarding companies were sponsoring skateboarders who had talent.

With all of his earnings from skateboarding, he created an organization to provide low income cities with a skate park for kids.

Compare those numbers with the number of baseball parks you see everyday. Why do skate parks and skating in public places close down or are taken away?

Mikros, Dan Anti-skaters could argue that you could go skate where you are supposed to, at a skate Skateboarding essay. This competition was a day at a time event that would push skateboarding to its limits.

No one really knows except the authorities and judges, but we need places to go. Concave gave the skateboard a way to get off the ground easier. In this economic position as of today, many skate parks are going out of business.Skateboarding has rich history of innovation and is full of intriguing stories.

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Skateboarding as Pop culture: The Mark of the Z-Boys The sport of skateboarding has been around for many years. The sport has gone from the early nineteen-hundreds to modern day society.4/4(1). - Skateboarding Skateboarding is the best activity for a lot of people around the world.

Why do a lot of people think skateboarding is the best activity. Everyone has different favourite activities that he or she would like to do for fun or relaxation. Skateboarding has been around since the early ’s, when surfers wanted a way to mimic surfing without the water.

Skateboarding then, was known as “sidewalk surfing” to many local skateboarders. The name “sidewalk surfing” comes from skateboarders wanting to do surfing-like maneuvers while traveling at a high rate of speed.

Then ’s were the opening [ ].


Essay title: Skateboarding. Today, skaters around the world are treated with little respect from the public or authority. There are "No Skateboarding" signs everywhere you turn/5(1).

Skateboarding essay
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