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The work environment and the organizational structure was redesigned in which we moved from the present departmental structure to a new team-based structure.

We would also need to improve organizational effectiveness and employee well-being. In September, strategies that would help the company would be to improve workflow efficiencies and employee interaction. Changes to Company There were three different scenarios where decisions for the company were based on my opinion.

In addition, some employees may fear whether or not the change will be good or bad for them. Another way is by building support and commitment.

Because of the restructuring, there is Synergetic solutions report essay coordination between the team members. Conclusion The results of my individual performance at Synergetic shows that my decisions lead to a total revenue growth of over 6, with a networking revenue of eighty percent.

Because of the conflicts occurring between the team leaders and the functional heads with regards to the projects, it was necessary to restructure the organizational structure within Synergetic Solutions.

To overcome resistance managers can increase driving forces by offering incentives to make Synergetic solutions report essay change more attractive.

Throughout the Lewin Three-Step Model, effective communication is important. Charting a restructure plan and holding meetings to allow employees to voice concerns, and scheduling training for employees that need addition attention will help the company overall.

The new behaviors of creating network solutions at Synergetic showed its success with increased revenue and company growth. Five kinds of Resistance People have a tendency to resist things based off of things such as habits, fear of the unknown, feelings of security, many economic factors, and also group inertia.

Over the course of time they may feel these are the only things that should be done. The unfreezing state involves changing what people perceive to be the norm, and overcoming resistance. The saying goes old habits never die young, and this is something that many people may believe. Synergetic assembles and resells most leading computer brands, with employees in five locations across the east coast University of Phoenix, There are several change models that a leader might utilize to implement change within an organization.

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Synergetic Solutions Report Essay

In addition, the synergetic solutions would need to outsource non critical tasks and business processes to reduce effort expended on projects University of Phoenix, Change is inevitable and organizations that resist change are subject to not succeed, organizations must recognize the internal and external forces of change and have an action plan in place to implement these changes efficiently and effectively, and those who do not are in danger of being left behind.

Synergetic Solutions was driven by a stagnating system integration market to reorganize the network solutions division, the company realized the growth because of external forces to make changes, and since Synergetic Solution is flexible to these changes, it could take the company into areas they had never considered.

UOP; Retrieved from https: You also need to ensure that you hold meetings to make sure that the employees are utilizing the new way of operating within the organization. The company recently started making ventures into the network solutions business of designing and implementing complex computer networks.

You can develop a skill-set training program for the employees that will help them with the transition of the change, so that they will not have anxiety. Even though not all the decisions made were the best, my ability to overcome those decisions. Sometimes change is a good thing, while other times it can be bad for everyone.

In order to bring about the necessary internal changes to respond to external changes Synergetic will need strong leadership and good communication. The organization had to rethink and redesign the old processes to fit the new way of business, next Synergetic hired more high skilled individuals and provided training for the rest of the workforce to enable growth in the new market, and within the organization, and reorganized by moving to a team-based structure to support its new business model.

Finally, reinforcing changes and demonstrating behaviors and success are important Kotter. Change substitutes uncertainty for the unknown. Retrieved from the University of Phoenix eBook Collection database. We realigned the employees into project teams.

Another change model that the leader might utilize is: We as a company are able to focus on project performance, and encourage process improvements University of Phoenix, Synergetic Solutions Essay Synergetic Solutions and over other 29,+ free term papers, essays and research papers examples are available on the website!

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Synergetic Solutions Report

Report This Essay. View Full Essay. Synergetic Solutions Organizational Change Michael Gormany Com / Communication for Accountants Monday, May 30 Monique Georges Synergetic Solutions Organizational Change Synergetic Solutions is a six million company in the business of systems integration, assembling and reselling.

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Free Essay: Synergetic Solutions Report Communications for Accountants COM/ Synergetic Solutions Report Synergetic Solutions has grasped the reality that.

Free Essay: Week 4 Individual Assignment: Synergetic Solutions Susana Pena COM Mark Busby Univ. of Phoenix February 5, * Describe at least three. Free Essay: Synergetic Solutions Report Virginia Grant COM/ October 3, Professor Michael Ballif Synergetic Solutions Report This internal report will.

Synergetic solutions report essay
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