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Although, Sinbad had fulfilled his pledge to Abigail to take her across the river jam-packed with alligators it is unethical to take advantage on the desperation of Abigail to be with Gregory on the opposite shore of the river. The focal point of my advice for Abigail will be on determination devising.

Abigail, feeling that she had no other choice, returned to Sinbad and told him she would agree to his plan. Another unethical issue is the scenario in which Ivan rejected his friend Abigail to assist her traverse the river and be with Sinbad. Morality Morality of good and bad moral of people Ivan wanted to stay out of the situation because he did not want to get involved with a girlfriend and boyfriend drama.

Alligator river story

People and animals in the world should be treated with respect and kindness, no matter if you are a animal or a hum being. This activity is best used to demonstrate cooperation, collaboration, discussion, prioritizing, and consensus building. Kohlberg examined and followed the participants between three and four year spans within 20 years Berk, Kohlberg and Gillian had different ideas on young girls and young men.

Though, the individual needs to demonstrate morality and maturity; only few individuals measure up Gibbs, Gilligan and Kohlberg theories can go on and on forever, they never come to an agreement but they can compromise in order to give each other a bit of happiness.

They went to the school playground where Gregory was playing ball and Abigail watched happily while Slug beat Gregory up and broke his new glasses. In the narrative I have observed more than one unethical issue. While Gilligan thoughts on the male prospective was bias and sexist also.

Abigail wanted to cross the river to be with Gregory. I wholly agree to the author that Gregory should be responsible as the adult male in the relationship with his lover of Abigail.

Kohlberg studied several young males on how they interact with other males while growing up to become young men. With this I am confident that Abigail will be protected from injury and danger.

You must provide each participant with the alligator river story. Sinbad the riverboat captain offers Abigail what appears to be a win-win proposition. The first 1 is the unethical issue on Gregory. Gregory was so mad at what she had done that he told her he never wanted to see her again. While the conventional level shows consistency among laws, rules and positive human relationships in the community.

Function in the class: Sinbad had fulfilled his pledge to Abigail to take her across the river jammed with alligators it is unethical to take advantage on the despair of Abigail to be with Gregory on the opposite shore of the river.

Although, Abigail is in loved with her lover, it is unethical for Gregory to just let Abigail take the effort and cross the river to be with him. Divide the class into groups of Give each group member a copy of the Alligator River Story Instruct group member to silently read their story Once everyone has read the scenario, instruct your groups to begin discussion Give the groups some time, and then warm them that time is almost up Give the groups a chance to rank the story characters Give the groups a chance to discuss their final choices Bring all the groups back together in the classroom and have each group present their rank order Discuss the differences between group ranking Phase 2 Debrief the decision making process within the groups Ask them what skills were necessary to use in order to rank their story characters Have them discuss how they made decisions and what types of compromises were made Phase 3 Discuss the process used in this activity and its application to the real world and specific professions.

Alligator River

Gregory lived on the shore of a river. Kohlberg explains that only a few individuals would reach the 5th and 6th stages. Rank the story characters from Best to Worst and give rational for your decisions. Slug was so sorry for Abigail that he promised her he would get even with Gregory.

The influences of factors on moral judgments suggest that Kohlberg moral stages should be viewed loosely without overlapping. Abigail refused to do this and went to see a friend name Ivan who had a boat. If I were to give advice for Abigail. She was happy for Slug to beat Gregory. Gilligan does accept the ideal of development morality.

As a friend Ivan should have give enough attention on the dilemma of Abigail, it is unethical for him to just refuse right away without trying to help Abigail.

During this activity, groups of participants must work collaboratively and make concessions in order to reach success.

Kohlberg views have been prevailing to the conception of morality. Psychologists Kohlberg and Gilligan conducted their research studies on young men and women.

Once upon a time there was a woman named Abigail who was in love with a man name Gregory. Because the narrative tells that Abigail and Gregory are lovers. Therefore, Gregory should recognize his responsibility as the lover of Abigail to protect her from harm.

Abigail should be cognizant on the effects of her determination in able to do the most efficient determination.In the essay of the writer about this story, I totally agree to the writer on the answer that the most unethical person in “The Alligator River Story” is Gregory, which he supported with reliable reason that Gregory should be the one to cross the river as a man and as the lover of Abigail.

Habitat loss remains a great danger, particularly in state of Florida. A gator is prized for its hide and meat. The hide of the gator is considered fine and durable leather; used for belts, watch bands, boots, wallets, purses, shoes, briefcases, and other leather items.

The Alligator River Story (p. 25) – 2nd (b) draft The Alligator River Story is a tragic love story about a loving, young couple that’s trapped on both their sides of the furious river. This alligator river story was moral and sexiest toward young women.

It was base on the women trying to find a way to see her boyfriend. Instead of the young man making a way to see his girlfriend, she did whatever it took in order for her to see him. Jul 05,  · I came across this at a workshop once, I would love to see your responses and your rationales behind your responses before telling you why I wanted to post it and giving you my thoughts THE ALLIGATOR RIVER STORYInstructions: Please read the following story.

Alligator River Story. Once there was a girl named Abigail who was in love with a boy named Gregory. Gregory had an unfortunate accident and broke his glasses. Abigail, being a true friend, volunteered to take them to be repaired. The repair shop was across the river, and during a flash flood the bridge was washed away.

Poor Gregory could see.

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