The mean girls

Regina storms out of the building in anger and disbelief. There, she runs into Regina, and they have a heart-to-heart conversation and make up. They tell Cady that she betrayed their trust, and has gone full Plastic, but Janis is fine because it had happened before and knew an event like this would repeat itself.

Cast and characters[ edit ]. At a required assembly about the Burn Book, Ms. Meanwhile, Cady believes that if she acts stupid, Aaron will help her with her work, and therefore talk to her more "Stupid With Love Reprise ".

There, Aaron explains that he really liked who Cady was before she became a Plastic, whereas Cady tries, unsuccessfully, The mean girls convince him that since she has more now, she is, therefore, better whilst Aaron is trying to make her think about her actions deeply.

She is suspended for three weeks and banned from the Spring Fling "Fearless Reprise ". In her calculus class, Cady meets the dreamy Aaron Samuels and she immediately falls for him "Stupid with Love".

Mean Girls

She apologizes to Janis and Damian, and they move forward as friends once more. Damian reveals that Janis and Regina had been best friends in middle school until Regina refused to invite Janis to her pool party because Regina was convinced Janis was a lesbian.

Norbury offers Cady a way to earn some extra credit and save her grade: After returning to school, Ms. Cady thinks Regina is a nice girl but Janis tells her not to fall for it "Apex Predator". Cady decides to take the full blame for the Burn Book, despite having not written the entire thing herself.

Janis tells Cady to follow through with the Plastics and tell her everything they say. Spitefully, Regina decides to flirt with him until he agrees to get back together with her "Someone Gets Hurt".

Cady tries to apologize to Regina for kicking her from the lunch table, but Regina insinuates that her reign is far from over "Someone Gets Hurt Reprise ". Background[ edit ] A musical adaptation of the film Mean Girls has been in the works since at least Janis and Damian meet Cady and they help her find her "group", "the greatest people you will ever meet" "Where Do You Belong?

The next day in math class, Aaron discusses his previous relationship with Regina, and how she made him feel like not-himself, so he has sworn off dating.

Cady follows her, trying to apologize, but Regina is so distracted that she walks in front of a bus and gets hit. Later, Karen explains that in high school, Halloween revolves around looking sexy, and how no matter what you are dressed as even if dressed as corn or Rosa Parksthe costume must be hot "Sexy".

She reminisces the old days whilst Regina was a child whilst Gretchen is contemplating being friends with Cady. After being put up against the only other girl in the competition and succeeding, the team wins, and Cady feels redeemed "Do This Thing".

Cady is elected as Spring Fling Queen but notices how fragile and cheap the plastic crown is, and how ridiculous it is that things can get so ugly for such stupid, insignificant reasons.MEAN GIRLS is something like a teenage girl's reflection on Nietzsche's warning about tangling with monsters.

Or, in this case, tangling with what are known at a high school as the "plastics"; fake girls who love to spread gossip, back-stab, judge people & freak-out if they've gained 2 ounces since the last time they stepped on the scale.

Possibly the best movie ever. It was written by Tina Fey.

It's about a girl named Cady (played by Lindsay Lohan) who moves to a new school and becomes friends with a clique of bitchy girls, who are nicknamed the Plastics. Cady turns into a mean girl from hanging out with the Plastics, but in the end she realizes her mistake.

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Aug 19,  · Become friends with confident, mean girls. They'll encourage your confidence and the way you stick up for yourself, as opposed to shy girls that take any abuse hurled at them. You will need some support as this new change will be hard to keep up 24/7.

These girls are going to be the hardest to stay consistent with%(K). Apr 09,  · That this “Mean Girls” takes place (still at an Illinois high school) 14 years later than the film has proved no obstacle to Ms. Fey. After all, social media only increases opportunities for social climbing and Ben Brantley.

The label "Mean Girls" is a tween expression used to describe girls who exhibit an anti-social behavior known as relational aggression.

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The term was popularized by the movie Mean Girls .

The mean girls
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