The paper menagerie essay writer

Angel of beauty, do you know of wrinkles, Fear of growing old, the great torment To read the horror of self-sacrifice In eyes our avid eyes had drunk for years?

Angel of health, do you know of disease? I was reading this at work, looking out through the big windows and watching cold night full of pissing rain trembling in the puddles on the corner of the opposite side of the street, sky all black, stained yellow streetlights, city spaces, melancholic, churning My oldest friend, a fine poet and a dedicated teacher and a loving husband and father, just loved this stuff when we were growing up.

I think I get it now. Ok, well, sure, but so what?

Not necessarily dying to be anywhere else or doing much else. Baudelaire was, for me, the kind of poet only certain kinds of people liked. Everybody knows by now that he was into hashish and absinthe and that he had plenty of torrid affairs and that he blew through most of his inheritance on the finest linens and dandied it up something fierce Well, call me a hardheaded New England Pragmatist, but there was something sort of suspiciously sickly about this guy.

Nothing I like better than a fine and appreciative literary assessment. Angel of kindness, do you know of hatred, Clenched fists in the shadow, tears of gall, When Vengeance beats his hellish call to arms, And makes himself the captain of our will?

Angel of fortune, happiness and light, David in dying might have claimed the health That radiates from your enchanted flesh; But, angel, I implore only your prayers, Angel of fortune, happiness and light!

Reversibility Angel of gladness, do you know of anguish, Shame, of troubles, sobs, and of remorse, And the vague terrors of those awful nights That squeeze the heart like paper in a ball?

I mean, here I am, Angel of beauty, do you know these lines? I never understood what his kind of visionary poetics really meant, what it did and where it brought the craft of poetry and the interested, open-minded reader.

Angel of gladness, do you know of pain?

Sometimes you have to pick the flowers yourself. I was just pretty definitively turned-off by an elaborately detailed, mockingly erotic poem about finding a maggot-teeming corpse, spreadeagled, in the middle of a spring stroll with your lover Still does, in fact.

I think in some ways this is the kind of poetry that you need to grow into. Angel of kindness, do you know revenge?

Les Fleurs du Mal

What I think I missed out on initially was the old soul that shifts and speaks within these tortured, skeptical, vivid, tastefully arranged and somehow gruesomely challenging poems. So that planted the seed, as did time and experience.A daily, in-depth interview program providing context and background to the issues that face our region.

Les Fleurs du Mal has 39, ratings and 1, reviews. Kelly said: After reading Baudelaire, I suddenly find myself wanting to smoke cigarettes and say.

The paper menagerie essay writer
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